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Bora Bora Hike Photo Gallery

Written by Cathy Siegismund
August 2001

Ken and Drew set out to climb Bora Bora's second tallest peak, at over 2000 feet. They set off early from the town at Viatape following a 'path' that took them to the summit. The 'path' wasn't what they were expecting. The mountain is quite steep and instead of having a switchback path you'd see in the Cascades, it led straight up the mountain. At one point, there was even a rope they had to hold on to as they walked up the face. The following are the breathtaking pictures from their hike.

View of the lagoon through the palms at the beginning of the hike

Ken climbing a rock face with the help of a rope

Drew working hard to ascend the 'path'

Town of Viatape and one of the frequently visiting cruise ships

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