Opening Night of Fête Song & Dance Competition Photo Gallery

Written by Cathy Siegismund
July 2001

Fête has a series of song and dance competitions. We attended the opening night of competitions and were treated to three dance troop performances and one singing performance. 

Official opening of the fête song and dance competitions

Speeches were made and representatives from the various competitions were present

Impressive stage in the background of the first of four performances

Each dance group was from a different area in French Polynesia, this first group was from the Gambier Islands and was an amateur group with dancers of all ages

The second performance was a singing group

The third performance was an excellent amateur dance group form Pirae, a town on Tahiti

Pirae dance group

Intricate costumes of the Pirae dancers

Pirae dance troop

The fourth performing dance group was a phenomenal professional dance troop

Professional dance troop, the performance lasted until 0100, but the last group was well worth the wait


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