Fruit Carriers Race Photo Gallery 

Written by Cathy Siegismund
July 2001

Another uniquely Polynesian fête competition we attended was the Fruit Carrier's race. In this competition, the competitors carry between 60 and 200 pounds of fruit and run barefoot around a city block 3 times. 

Papeete counsel building was the site of the Fruit Carrier's Race

Competitors bring their own fruit. The fruit ranges from simple bananas tied to a log to others with a variety of types of fruit, breadfruit, papaya, pineapples, coconuts, and flowers.

Competitor unloading his fruit

One of the larger fruit bundles being unloaded for the race

Awaiting the start of the race

The fruit being weighed by race officials

Some competitor's bundles are lightened by officials and the extra fruit is given to spectators

The weighed fruit is marked and set aside until the start of the race

The Race

Tired competitors hand off their burdens at the end of the race

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