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Autonomy Day Parade Photo Gallery 

Written by Cathy Siegismund
July 2001

The day's activities were kicked off with a large parade that seemed to include everyone from the French Polynesia President to the local basketball team.

Girls in matching Polynesian dresses help seat spectators for the parade

Locals bedecked in colorful Polynesian prints, hats, and flowers turn out for the parade

President of French Polynesia and other officials

French Polynesia flag

The parade included various sports and activities clubs, as well as groups of officials and participants in the various fête activities.

Fête official

Parade participants

Parade participants wearing French Polynesia colors

Colorful pareos on both the men and women

Polynesian princess float

Trucks decorated with local plants and flowers served as the parades floats

It seemed almost all of Tahiti was participating in the parade

Elderly women presides over a float

Young girls in traditional costumes and instruments

Children performing Polynesian dances on a richly decorated float

Men dressed in traditional costumes and displaying wonderful tattoos performed dances in the parade

Outrigger canoeing is a very popular sport in French Polynesia and was well represented in the parade.

Paddlers participating in the many of the outrigger canoe races during fête 

Local paddlers


Woman artisan group

Woman's group in commonly seen 'Mother Hubbard' dresses.

Tahiti has a large Chinese population that was well represented in parade.

Chinese fête princess

Chinese musicians


Chinese dragons

Several fitness groups were part of the parade

Local gym had a float entry

Body builder posing in the parade

Girls in traditional dance costumes

Float decorated with local fruits and flowers

The final entrants in the parade were the well represented Harley Davidson Biker's club

Harley banner

Polynesian Harley biker

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