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Jenn Is 39 for the First Time Photo Gallery

Written by Cathy Siegismund
October 2001

Friday night following the race, a group of us arranged to take over the Mermaid Grill to host Jenn's Birthday bash. We brought cake, Jell-O shots, presents, and of course a birthday crown.

Tam, Jen, a couple of cruising kids, Cath, Stella, Ray and Drew

Rachel (Horai), Trish & Tony (Kiwi's finishing their circumnavigation aboard Kon Tiki), Ken, Ed (Horai) Drew and Vernita

Jason, Jenn & Nik

Nik and Jenn

Nik and Jenn using one of Jen's presents: "The Anchoring Communication Device"

Jenn, a true Canadian double-fisting with beer, eh

Ken's lobster dinner, mmmm

Jenn, being a sport and taking yet another Jell-O shot

Birthday cake

Ken and Vernita

Garth, Wendy, Milo and Suzette

She's got a knife....

An now they're playing with firecrackers...

The girls: Wendy, Tam, Jenn, Cath, Vernita

The boys with the birthday girl: Gwill, Jason, Ken, Drew, Nik, Garth, Paul

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