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Dolphin Adventure Photo Gallery

Written by Cathy Siegismund
April 2001

Despite being very busy with our preparations for the puddle jump, I couldn't pass up the chance to swim with the dolphin. The Dolphin Adventure swim was across the canal from the Paradise Village Marina.

Dolphin Adventure Pool

The dolphins are kept in captivity and studied as well as trained. You have mixed feelings when you participate in the dolphin swim. You feel guilty about supporting a facility that keeps dolphin in captivity, however, at the same time it is such a thrill to be in the water with them. I would have preferred to swim with wild dolphin or with the trained ones that are set free each day and return to their pens by choice.

With all that said, the facility was very nice and the dolphin appeared to be healthy and in good shape -- and it was REALLY COOL to swim with them.

Upon arriving at the facility, we first listened to an audio tape on the dolphin, the center, what to expect while swimming with them, and how to behave in the water.

We spent about an hour in the pool in groups of 4-5 people that were paired with a trainer who instructed us how to behave with the dolphin. They gave us a little marine biology lesson on the dolphin and cued the them on some of their trained behaviors.

Trainer instructing two of the dolphin

We worked our way around the pool and the dolphin would choose to swim up to us and be pet. They actually seemed to enjoy it as they would constantly swim up to you and roll over presenting their bellies for a rub.

Swimming by for a belly rub

I'm getting two wet dolphin kisses

For finale of the swim, the dolphin did a series of impressive jumps, which were even more spectacular from our vantage point in the water.

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