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New Year's Eve Party Photo Gallery

Written by Cathy Siegismund
January 2002

Drew and Vernita had invited our group of friends in the marina over for an impromptu New Year's Eve Party. We watched the fireworks from the cockpit and then moved below for what turned into quite a party with some impressive singing and air guitar that continued on until after daybreak.

Wendy, Terry, and Jen down below on Layla

Ken and Garth in Layla's cockpit

The large and friendly grouped enjoying the party on Layla

Drew, Vernita, Marc and Teri doing a little subway imitation

Wendy and Garth

Rachel, Jen, Ed, and Mark counting down to midnight

We had wonderful clear and still night to enjoy the Sky Tower fireworks show


Nik becoming very involved in some Led Zeppelin

Vernita and Jenn

Vernita with belting out Freebird with her handy Cutex microphone

Ed, Wendy and Jen singing backup

Drew and Vernita

Drew is waning

The long walk back home down the dock after 6:00am

After we partied like we were all much younger than we are, we had a very quiet New Year's Day, which at 4pm included a trip to Denny's for a hearty afternoon breakfast.

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