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Kiwi and Birdlife Park Photo Gallery

Written by Cathy Siegismund
October 2003

The Queenstown Kiwi and Birdlife Park is located at the base of the gondola. Some of the birds are in aviaries, others are loose in the park and the kiwi's, nocturnal birds, are in darkened houses. We were surprised to see that the bird park also was home to several tuataras, a unique reptile that has not changed since it lived side-by-side with the dinosaurs.


Small owls

The morepork owl sign we found amusing, considering the South Island popularity of pig hunting


The Tui, namesake of a local brew, and a small parrot

A Kea as inquisitive as those we'd seen on the way to Milford Sound

The lovely female Putangitangi or Paradise Duck

Our kiwi pictures were a little dark, but we did manage to snap a few good shots of a tuatara.

Close-up of a tuatara

My absolute favorite is the Pukeko, these can be seen all over New Zealand, even along the motorway in Auckland


Cath playing with a very inquisitive Pukeko

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