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Rarotonga Hike Photo Gallery

Written by Cathy Siegismund
September 2001

Drew, Vernita, Ken and I set out on a cross-island hike. First we followed a well tended road past homes and small farms with livestock and taro. The weather was perfect for hiking, sunny without being too hot and a nice breeze.

Rarotongan home set in the lovely tropical landscape

Well-fed Rarotongan cow checking us out on our Sunday hike

Once we reached the trail, we had about 45 minutes of some steep hiking along a trail to the Needle. The trail however, was very well maintained with signs and steps built in when the tree roots failed to offer secure footing.

The Needle

We had great views of both sides of the island from the needle, where we selected a nice area to have lunch

After we left The Needle, we followed a trail which was supposed to take us on a longer but more gradual path to the other side of the island where we planned to catch a bus back to the boats. We followed this trail for a while, but under the fearless leadership of some other cruisers, we missed a turn and were soon bushwhacking along a little used trail along a PVC power line. This included some vertical climbs up and down tree roots and along very narrow ridges.

We finally emerged from the trail on the other side of the island among local farms and about 20 minutes after the last bus.

Local farm

Rich farming and grazing land

We managed to hitchhike home with little trouble. We got a ride about halfway home with one of the dive shop operators and the rest of the way with a local man. 

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